I am an experienced and professionally qualified psychotherapist registered with UKCP. I offer a confidential service for individuals providing you with a safe and empathic space to assist you in exploring your difficulties whatever your age, race, or sexual orientation.

I provide counselling for individuals covering a wide range of areas including: relationship issues; family conflict; mid-life crisis; identity issues; co-dependency; depression; anger-management; bereavement; stress; addictions; sexual orientation; gender identity; domestic violence.

By attending counselling, you are making a good decision to pay attention to your emotional and mental health.

It’s accepted that physical exercise is good for the body. And in the same way, counselling is good for your mind, improving your relationships, discover out who you want to be, and live a more fulfilling life.


As your counsellor I will never tell you how to live your life but rather I will help you discover at a deeper level who you are and what you want. If you want to change I will help you with that, but sometimes counselling is about simply being fully heard and understood by another person and thereby learning to accept and value yourself.

Whatever your motivation for counselling, change can only happen when we get to properly know where we are now. Through developing an increased understanding of your own familiar patterns, deeper insight may emerge and change can then occur through increased awareness of new choices in your daily life and relationships.

I am trained in Gestalt psychotherapy. However the most important finding from the psychological research is not what type of therapy your counsellor practices, but how you feel in your relationship with them. Are you comfortable, safe, supported and not feeling judged? Come along and find out!